Bespoke development of advanced propulsion systems, engineering design, testing, and optimisation services.

Over 25 years delivering solutions in custom powertrain development.


Raikhlin Engine Developments – RED – is a family-owned German company specialising in powertrain and propulsion-systems development, and industrialisation.

Our customer value proposition is predicated on bespoke engineering design, testing, and optimisation services.

Our wealth of accumulated field experience, know-how, and lessons-learned allow us to deliver optimal customer solutions within market-leading turn-around times and highly-competitive budgets.

RED’s proven track record spans over 25 years of active involvement in powertrain development and is supported by awarded certifications and customer testimonials.

RED is comitted to deliver best-choice propulsion solutions:



We are experienced in developing modern high-performance, compression-ignition engines for the today's aviation market. Setting new standards in safety, ecological compatibility, operating efficiency, and performance of aircraft piston engines.



Developing engines, engine components and complete powertrains for different automotive applications. Covering a wide spectrum from exclusive concept cars to high performance racing cars.


Other Appication

Our engineering knowledge allows us to design new innovative propulsion solutions, and customize engines for all kind of applications such as hybrid propulsion units and marine engines.

Seamless support from inception to Start of Production (SoP)

Our technical services span the entire process, from development, prototype-building and process engineering, all the way to successful launch of a medium or high volume engine type production.

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